Swinging into 2016!

I like closing the year on a high note, it just seems perfectly appropriate after, wouldn’t you agree?
With 2016 already nipping at our heels, I realized this is the ideal time to formally introduce the last addition to my dungeon for the year, but oh what an addition it is!
While a long time coming, this staple has finally graced the suspension area of the Axom Priory and is available for immediate use and enjoyment! I can’t quite recall how often I’ve been asked when I’d finally cave and buy a giant leather swing, but the moment is finally here!
With great pleasure I’ve had some time to break it already and it has thoroughly lived up to the hype; predicament bondage, cbt, ball busting and violation play are really the tip of the iceberg as far as possibility goes here, though admittedly I did buy this primarily for the ease of access I have when my partners are tightly cuffed in!


I plan to keep adding accessories to my steel rig next month; a mirror in the top font corner for you to see all the action, rubber floor mat for messy play – the list goes on and on, but so far I’m off to a good start…don’t you think?

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