One comment on “Sex Work, Clients and The Duty of Care

  1. Domina Rage,
    We never sessioned together, but the more I read your blog, the clearer it is that you’re a wonderful person on many levels. Your passion and enthusiasm for a variety of kinks and their nuances stand out in a positive way. I sense that you truly want to create a positive and lasting impression on worthy submissives with each session. Recognizing that for many of us, a session is a luxury, similar to you receiving a massage. I also sense (again, based on your blog) that your sessions are far from cookie cutter. They’re custom built with thought, care and focus on the submissive’s desires. What makes all of this even better is that I believe you possibly get as much pleasure out of providing the experience as a submissive gets from receiving. Your desire to understand a submissive, and eagerness explore their fantasies to their full depth, maybe even pleasantly deeper than a submissive is able to express, but always within their limits, makes you truly wonderful. Based on pictures alone (we have no personal experience together), your dungeon and equipment seem to make for an inviting environment where a submissive can let their guard down and relinquishing control with the knowledge that they’re in good hands in a safe environment with a trustworthy Domina. As a submissive, trust is tremendously important in being able to enjoy the limited time we have together. I believe it’s appreciated by so many others as well. Thank you for fostering that trust and maintaining it in a way that I believe you see as a core value.

    Regretfully the provider you saw for a massage didn’t have the same values. I hope you never experience that again. I also hope that you’re able to find another provider that listens, understands and follows through with your desires while inspiring trust.

    Finally, thank you for keeping up your blog. I might not comment on every post but I read them all and love hearing your perspective on the many different topics you’ve written about.


    P.S. I’d like to session with you if/when you visit Los Angeles. I’d like it even more if I could get my butt to Seattle where it could happen in your own dungeon, in your own element, where I believe it would be so much better.

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