A question from the crowd: Why don’t you write about appointments more often?




Yikes, I  just deleted another email inquiring why I don’t write about my sessions more often.


I know that’s what many of you want to read, what you may even come here specifically to read, but my desire to publish such content is waning. I’m seeing direct session write ups to be more of a drawback than a positive these days, and yes, I’m hugely disappointed by that!


So, instead of trying to pacify you with a little fictitious scene, I’ll just lay out the reasons why I’m cutting back and hope my other topics keep you coming back!

Here goes….


1.  Most importantly, I don’t want to inspire competition in my visitors.

When I do chronicle a scene, it’s obvious I’m writing about one person in particular and I have MANY regulars that I love and adore. As the years pass on, my bond with those returning playmates strengthens and when I share a story about someone else, it does on occasion, leave others feeling a little less acknowledged. Ack!

It also creates this weird phenomena where a slew of people will call and request that EXACT same scene. Now, I don’t mind that the first half dozen times, but it does eventually get a little stale for me to be on a constant repeat cycle.


2. Some things are sacred.

I know it’s unnatural for me to ever stand behind the ‘privacy curtain’ but sometimes I just can’t bring myself to share sessions that ended up being extremely personal. Every so often, all of this kinky fun leads to a physical or emotional breakthrough for my partner. Even with their permission, it just wouldn’t be right to drag this profound scene into public view for the sake of an entertaining read!


3. I terrify newbies.

I swear – I do and I can’t figure out for the life of me why! I’m a balanced person, at least I’d like to believe I am….I’d also venture to say I’m pretty intuitive and accommodating, so I’m not sure why I have so many novices shaking in their boots!

It takes a lot of effort to come off as approachable within the context of being a Dominatrix, so I need to take extra precautions to ensure that my newer visitors don’t get the wrong idea when I publish heavier notes. The intense exchanges certainly do make for a better read, but they are the exception not the rule.


4. I’m not a writer

Funny isn’t it….but I’m not, not even close. Don’t get me wrong, I certainly enjoy the act of writing but I really don’t have the focus to sit down and type a story beginning to end. I’ve tried repeatedly in the past to tailor something specific, but unless my brain decides it’s a topic I can run with, the words just won’t come and I’m left blankly staring at my cursor….which seems to blink in ever more aggressive patterns directly congruent to my increasing frustration.

There are some very highly skilled women out there who keep a blog going in their sleep, but that’s just not me. Even if I thought what we did was AMAZING, chances are that I lack the skill needed to detail a blow my blow of our session that would do it justice.

As a lot of my playmates will ask later on if I’ll blog about our appointment, I’d instead encourage them to do the same in a review form. Perhaps that would make an interests post – some contrast in my experience vs yours.


5. My hard earned secrets are my own.

A lot of my appointments are very very planned, which I’m sure is what makes them great! When I share things on my blog, I strain to leave in enough detail to keep it interesting while editing out any hard earned professional secrets I’ve developed over the years. You boys aren’t the only ones who read my writings you know. And aside from just giving away all the tricks up my sleeve to anyone who might care to duplicate them, I’d never want someone to come see me without a very thick lair of curiosity clouding them. If you know all my moves, I’ll be much less likely to surprise you!


6. I like photos and videos better.

What can I say, I’m incredibly visual. If you’ve seen me in person, I’m sure you’ve noticed that predatory look in my eye when I’m in the zone – words just don’t compare.

Fortunately for you, while I’m not quite up to the challenge of having my sessions penned out more frequently, I am WELL known for quickly capturing things in photo or video.

All of that can be viewed for free – updated almost every day via my Twitter account or Vine video feed.





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