Rubber Intoxication – Exploring Second Skin Fetishism

The slick sensual friction of latex, covering my body – and yours – bound tightly in a pose that forces to watch my rubber clad form surround you, preying on your lustful, hungry, glances.
You struggle in my sleep sack, or rubber straight jacket, my hoods encasing your face, forcing you to breathe the intoxicating scent . It’s almost too much for you, but yet everything you need; you squirm to no avail, forced to surrender….
The fantasy of the rubber fetishist is often, at it’s core, quite simple – it’s a need – a longing to be a creature enveloped in shiny second skin. Sleek and tight, perfectly glistening and crinkling with every measured motion, it’s truly one of the most encompassing of kinks – and naturally by extension, it’s become one of my deepest obsessions.
As you might have noticed, over the past few years, my collection of all things tight and shiny has grown dramatically, to the point where I think a post detailing some of my specialty equipment is in order… I can’t tell you how many sweet suitors have scoured my site to read up on what I have in store, only to be VERY pleasantly surprised that what they read, only scratched the surface…. This definitely leads me to believe that not only am I being a bit too modest on what lies in my opulently adorned play space, but I am leaving out quite a bit of potential and went fantastic explorations might be possible…and that simply will not do!
So, you’re curious enough to keep reading, likely already imagining the impossibly tight fabric crawling over every inch of you; let me spike your appetite and let your mind wander just a bit more.


A look inside…

Rubber Body Bag
Rubber Inflatable Bondage Bag
Rubber Straight Jacket Body Bag
Rubber Straight Jacket
Rubber Mummification Bag with Access Holes
Full Isolation Rubber Hood w/ optional breath play holes
Latex Vac Bed (currently awaiting repair)
7 Latex Fitted Latex Hoods
2 Specialty Heavy Duty Rubber Gas Masks
6 Rubber Gas Masks
6 Heavy  Rubber Bondage Straps
50 Ft of Rubberized Rope
3 Rubber Gags
1 Inflatable Rubber Gag
2 Breath Play Rubber Gags
1 Cock Gag
2 Rubber Suction Pumps
5 Rubber Urethral Prods
2 Rubberized C**k Rings
Rubber Venus 2000 Sleeves
Rubber Gloves
…and of course, a personal wardrobe with enough latex to dress an entire All Girls Catholic School!
So, whether you’ve been curious to try rubber play or simply know this is already right up your alley and want to dive into an extraordinary collection – I have all the gleaming toys and tools to rival just about any collection around…. and more than enough expertise to help you melt other kinky leanings into this particular fetish with absolute shiny seamless precision.


Shall we indulge?

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