New TNA Review: A Once In A Lifetime Experience

TNA Username: VictoriaRage
Service Type: Fetish
Outcall: Incall
Gender: Female
Body type: Curvy
Accurate Pics?: Exact Match
Name: Victoria Rage
Phone Number: (206)712-1794
Affiliation: Independent
Age: 29
Height: 5’5″
Ethnicity: European
Hair color: Black
Hair Length: Shoulder length
Eyes: Brown
Bust size: DD Cup
Feet: Nice and Dainty
Smoker?: No
Fetishes (YMMV): BDSM, Dominant, CBT
Date of Meeting: 07/13/2017
Overall Experience: 5 Stars

I want to start off by saying that I am not the medias version of the “stereotypical” submissive male. I don’t have a high-profile job with some fortune 500 company. I am not wealthy attorney or doctor who can’t cope with the pressures of his job so I pay for a professional dominatrix to beat and humiliate me. I am just a regular guy who is naturally submissive who is drawn to dominant woman. I have a very low profile job with a little pressure. I don’t like to be in control and prefer not to be. While I am not a wimp and will stand up for myself and have a sharp edge of a Scorpio, a truly dominant woman can bring me to my knees with just the look in her eye or the tone in her voice.
Let me tell you about my experience with Mistress Victoria Rage and our first session together.
I have been involved in the D/s lifestyle since 1990 and have seen some of the biggest Dommes in the United States. I have had one 24/7 Mistress and a few D/s relationships that were on again off again. Mistress Victoria is by far the best professional Dominatrix I have ever visited.
I discovered Mistress Victoria when I was planning for my vacation in Seattle. I did a search for Pro Dommes in the Seattle Metropolitan area and clicked on the link to her web site, sent her an email and within 48 hours she responded to my inquiry about her services. We briefly corresponded back and forth via email over the course of a few weeks then I set date and time for our session.
I arrived 20 minutes early for our 4:30 session. So, I called her cell number to see if it was permitted to arrive early. She immediately put me in my place in a swift and firm manner instructing me wait down the street at a local restaurant, which I did. I left the restaurant at 4:20 and arrived at her door at precisely 4:30 as instructed.
Mistress Victoria opened the door and greeted me in a warm and friendly manner by inviting me inside and asking me to sit and talk to her for a moment. We chatted for a few minutes, discussed my limits, likes/dislikes and safe words. She then instructed me to disrobe and our session began.
Out of respect for Mistress Victoria, I am not going to go into detail regarding the events of our session or what she wore. However, I will tell you this, Mistress Rage is a truly beautiful, intelligent, dominant Woman who knew exactly how to bring me to my knees, make me weak and keep me in my place. She has a quiet yet powerful presence….a quiet charisma if you will…She is dripping with confidence which I personally find extremely hot. She did not scream at me. She did not need to use vulgar language. She did not beat me into submission. She basically crawled inside my head and took control with her actions, her attitude and her creativity. I was a pile of goo within moments just from listening to her beautifully proper voice make love to my ears through the tight leather hood that she laced onto my head.
After our session, she took time to make sure I had returned to my senses…I had descended into a deep, deep in sub space. Once I got dressed she took more time to speak to me, reassure me and make sure I had returned to earth. With my feet, firmly on the ground we hugged and I left.
Mistress Victoria Rage treated me with respect,…when needed lol, was kind when she needed to be kind and cruel when she knew it would get her the most pleasure. One of the greatest things I experienced with her was how she seemed to appreciate me as a submissive, masochist and a fetishist. I have never felt that with any other Professional Dominatrix ever, anywhere at any time. Her dungeon is in a safe neighborhood and is immaculate. It has just about every torture device to tantalize your submissive soul.
Mistress Victoria Rage, thank You for my time with You. i am eternally grateful that You allowed me to be in Your presence and look forward to serving You in any way that makes You happy and Your life easier.

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