Blog Post: Do Your Really Want To Know What Turns Me On?

Scrolling through my emails for the week, I’m pleasantly surprised as Spring rolls around, to see how many of my suitors shift from asking me to fulfill *their* personal fantasies, to trying to narrow down what really gets *me* going. Warmer weather never fails to bring out the adventurer in my dearest playmates!
Though, if I had a dollar for every time I was genuinely asked this by a well-meaning inquirer, I could probably retire. That’s not a cliché exaggeration either; despite having a slew of writings on the topic, most play toys still find themselves scrambling a bit to find out what really turns me on – as if it could EVER be captured by a single activity.
Naturally, the idea of playing with someone who isn’t 100% focused and ‘into’ what’s happening doing doesn’t sound a great time. Actually, it’s pretty terrible… I’ve been on the other side of that, people sweetly taking a torment because they thought it’s what I wanted, not realizing their lack of mutual enjoyment was zapping any and all possible pleasure from the moment. I respect the valiant effort, but really, as with anything sexual, erotic, or partner based; pleasure needs to be a two-way street. Compatible arousal is vital, it’s the one thing that matters most in any encounter – no matter the actual specifics.
That inflexible fact is a big reason why I spend a short eternity combing through potential partners based on what they like to do. If we’re not a good match, I’m not one to feign interest and just push through a scene just for the cash. I’m a terrible actress – so for my sake, and yours, I only connect to most intriguing partners, the ones whose inquiry made pulse race and my eyes dilate as I glazed across their introduction.
Still, sure you want to know what, in my heart of hearts, makes me feel my most animalistic and carnally satisfied.
Well, I’ll tell you what – if you’re reading this, hanging on to each sentence just waiting for a *simple* answer, I’m about to crush your spirit to dust.
I do kink all day, everyday.
I’m a pervert, a lifestyler and a Pro Domme. There’s not much I can’t do, whenever I want to do it and for as long as it suits me. This, leaves very little for someone to offer in the way of concept originality – except one thing –  one unique thing, that only YOU can give me. It’s what I want most, what turns me on…
Your submissive reaction.
I could spank 100 partners and ALL 100 of them will be unique in how they receive it. I’m heavy on dynamic, on soliciting a response, and the more you let yourself out, the more you give me to take in. It feeds my hungry, domineering and predatory spirit.
Do you really want me to lust for you in chains?
Give me a reaction. Be my victim; whimper moan, shake, shudder or scream. Don’t hold back – just be genuine. Whatever it is you have inside you when I touch, smack or caress you in just that perfect way, let me see it – give it to me.
There’s no other preference I have in the world; no type, age, attitude, style, body, gender, role, persona, interests or presentation that draws me more than another. Your container, endowments, lifestyle, occupation and position in life don’t stack up against the expression you offer me in the dungeon.
So, to answer that impossible question – what turns me on?
Genuine and unrestrained submissive, masochistic or curious response to whatever activities I feel I want to inflict on you.
That’s it.
There’s nothing else you can do, say or offer to make yourself MORE enticing, just be your role. 
Know you place. Accept it. Enjoy it. Offer it to me….

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