Blog Post: The Time We Take For Ourselves

Just last month I had the enormous pleasure of welcoming a fellow rubber lover for what he deemed a ‘latex vacation’.
Having followed my online presence for so long, he decided he deserved a little personal reprieve, and for him, it meant a totally committed stint of 2 days surrounding his favorite fetish: glimmering and glorious latex. He packed his bags, boarded a plane and made it happen despite all the demanding odds waiting for him back home.
He works hard, he’s a dedicated family man, career focused and total giver of a human. Someone, who I get the sense, people rely on – often. He’s a rock…but under that well crafted exterior of a dependable gentleman, lies a living breathing creature of lust, want and need. A creature who had been left starving in the face of the needs of others.
Most figures who have a lot on their plate will begin slowly compartmentalizing their personal desired and impulses. Perhaps out of habit to accommodate others, or maybe simply not wanting to bring those secret needs out to display to those who count on us; he had gone MONTHS without diving into his secret, sexy deviation. Personally, that’s a fate I can’t even imagine, but nevertheless – this was his reality.
How easily we get wrapped up in schedules, becoming slaves not to a Mistress, but to alarm clocks, deadlines and self imposed to do lists that rule over every waking moment. I don’t know about you – but I’ve never wanted to live that way. Workaholic by nature, I had to be exceedingly careful in what I chose to do with my life, I had to pick a passion that fed me in equal measure that it took from me because like most of you, I live my life at 110%. But not everyone can be so fortunate.
Those of you who struggle to find even a free hour during the day you enjoy unhindered, that you take strictly for yourself, are left with the most impossible task of all: making time.
When and why did you stop putting your needs first? Or even second?
When did you decide your hourly agenda dictated everything? When personal luxuries weren’t important?
When did you stop making time to enjoy your life?
Consider this blog a call for a return to sanity – to you time. As I sit on my couch, exploring my own version of that, I’m scrolling through my emails and texts, littered with inquiries and hopeful comments from suitors who anxiously ‘can’t wait to meet’ or ‘can’t wait to connect again’, once the opportunity presents itself. Unsurprisingly, many of these whispered optimisms go back months or even repeat themselves through a year – I’m still in their thoughts as the calendar pages begin to turn. It’s a sad prospect…to be so entrapped in responsibility that you allow your creative and sexual self to suffer.
So my darlings, I challenge you – if you’ve been tapping the digital shoulder of your fave SW more often then you attempt to connect, reevaluate your priorities! Put your foot down and stop the wheel that keeps you ever busy and indulge yourself: just do it. Make one moment for yourself before the end of the year. One moment in 64 long days.
Don’t just envy what others have done, definitely don’t read though blogs or gloss through the twitter scrolls of your craved paramour with lust and want never to be engaged. Act on it – take your own personal ‘rubber vacation’ or whatever that looks like for you.
Frankly, you deserve it.

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