Blog Post: Hypnorotica – The Ultimate Submission Of Body And Mind

Restrained on the table, the muffled crinkling of his restraints were the only sound to be heard in the dungeon. A familiar, but untiring melody of unrelenting bondage against a writhing, desperate slave. Soft and supple, barely inches moved despite his effort, but the implications were echoing.
Layers and layers of thick rubber encased him, tight leather straps held him down, face hugging neoprene blocking him in – all wrapped securely in a tight stabilizer, shrouded with noise canceling headphones; my pet could only move his fingers…but just barely, and by design. I loved the unconscious feel of his fingertips as he’d achingly reach out to touch my dress or my legs within his confinement. Until I fed his senses a taste of something, those grasps of my silky skin was the only thing that existed to him.
His enslavement today was otherworldly; a need was to be met, deep and psychological, transporting his mind outside my dungeon, to a world of my making, while his body remained present and exposed to my lustful appetites and expert ministrations.
Made with precision, I crafted a soundtrack of sorts; erotic sounds, filthy talk, binaural beats entwined in a way that played as a seamless, entrancing siren song to him through his headphones. The world outside had disappeared into inky blackness leaving perception and reality something I entirely directed; the feeling of such control was absolutely extraordinary.
Outside, his naked body unprotected under layers and trappings, chained tight but spread open, every inch I cared to touch laid bare before me. Each graze of my hand corresponded to particular parts of the audio, in perfect sync stroking him relentlessly and mercilessly, scratching, teasing, violating, shocking, tugging, touching and spanking him. He was lost in this world.
For a while I’ve been at the hypnosis game, creating several different otherworldly scenes to carrying willing suitors to realms far beyond their imagination: from a bordello of sensual succubi who want to drain you, a coven of wicked witches who kidnap you for an erotic ritual, entrancing suggestive tones to unlock your deepest hidden cravings; and quite a few others, in his constraints these scenarios are as real as can be and far reaching. My boy knew it all to well, once I hit play – there was no escaping my chosen destination.
If you’ve been a kink enthusiast and want to experience something to take you deeper, this is a must try activity. Push the bounds of body and mind to new erotic, uncontrolled and unrestrained heights as I walk you down one of these winding paths, either by request or surprise.
I promise, you won’t be the same after….
As much as I’d love to try to explain more about this to tempt you, the power of these playbacks is the absolute unknown. You will rarely see imagines I post of this type of scene, nor will you ever read a review about it. Perhaps, one of my best kept secrets kept from those aside from the willing. Do you dare hand me the keys to the reality you inhabit?
Consider it the ultimate submission.

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