Blog Post: Relentless January

I sent out a few tweets just now, that I immediately realized needed a bigger platform than a humble 240 characters could capture, so hang in with me darlings.

This month has been an absolute mess, wouldn’t you say?
Not just for me, but for almost everyone I’ve spoken to has been deeply impacted in one form or another by a cruel, unseen, unspoken force of negativity.  Waves of illness, flu strains impervious to vaccinations, freak weather, flights canceled, personal emergencies, the shut down and finally a Super Wolf Blood Moon Eclipse to top the charts of unbalance has ravaged morale in the city and beyond.

Seriously, this is just one month.
On my way home today, I even drove by a bus, fully on fire – shutting down much of the freeway in several areas just as people were about to get off work into a weekend they very much need. It’s Friday, but the week had just one of more pin to stick in our voodoo doll.

It was almost a perfect metaphor for the whole of January.

*Seriously, this was my exit too* 

For me, I naturally draw inward and overthink things when a wave like this hits – I live a life always in perfect control, braced for emergencies and balanced my a sense of calm knowing that bad patches come and go. But when it happens in mass form to those around me and I’m powerless to help beloved friends, cherished clients and fellow humans, I feel entirely overwhelmed. That is my kryptonite, the emotional distress of others. I hate being sidelined while others suffer – though I’m all for suffering when inflicted with erotic purpose – but  on this level, it hurts my heart.

So instead of stewing over the stress and intensity of things I can’t do anything about, I can say – that while I might  be just a kinky personality from the internet. I am here for you. Yes you.

Whatever has been going on in your life, whatever has you feeling totally up against the wall, frazzled, on the edge, sleepless or anxious; I see you and I’m here for you. 

If we’ve met in the flesh or know each other on any level and you need some emotional help coping right now, even just a sane voice of reason to tell you it’s all going to be okay – I’m here. I can be reached on my levels, all extremely public – so don’t hesitate if you’re feeling alone. We might have had a hellish entry into the new year, but a silver lining has already broken around the storm – the shutdown is over. It’s a massive start to a sure upswing. 

Anyway, I promise you guys, this too shall pass – breathe, relax, and to the best of your ability, don’t obsess to hard about things you can’t control. Just do your best at any situation before you, marshal your resources and press on. Give your mind and body time to heal and process, don’t take on more than you have to, give yourself a break, treat yourself, love yourself, turn off the news for a day, don’t worry about instagram perfect bodies/lives, get your vitamin d, remember you are worthy, capable, amazing and loved.

But if you’re sitting there just feeling entirely deflated, I am here to talk you off the ledge, reassure you that it’s always darkest before dawn and that eventually, this string of collective bad luck will soon be a distant memory. I promise, it will.

Now, I’m going to run myself a bath and put on on this perfect meditative soundtrack:

I deeply suggest you take off your clothes and join me.

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  1. Farrah

    Thank you. That was beautifully uplifting and much needed goddess.

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