Blog Post: Updates To The Medical Room

As promised, over the next month I’m doing a complete overhaul of my website and general web presence. I admit, I’ve let myself get distracted by a couple full seasons of deeply engaging fun!

The first step, will be a MUCH better tour of my dungeon and list of equipment. It’s shockingly difficult to keep up with all these little tidbits when you’d honestly rather be in knee high boots, having a lovely leather clad man suck your strap on, but still, how I’ve never made a complete list is beyond me, but as with all things – better late then never!

My first attempt is finally finished and the dungeon page of my website has the medical room fully captured and posted! Being a reader of this blog, you’re getting a first glimpse!!!

The new coat of paint and full spread of toys truly inspires the deviant in me – I hope it grabs you too…

Equipment & Furniture

Steel St. Andrews Cross

Floating EMT Bondage Board

Multi Positional Bondage Gyno Table
Cabinet #1
Cabinet #2

Medical Leather Restraints, Venus 2000, Nipple Toys, Tincture Cabinets, Storage
(contents listed below)
A Closer Look

Toys, Tools & Storage Contents


  • Venus 2000
  • My full electro collection (Erostek, PES, Zeus and E Stim with 75 accessories and attachments)
  • 3 violet wand kits with 12 attachments
  • Humane Restraint Bondage System 
  • Two cabinets of medical toys, cbt items, breath play kits, clamps, prods
  • 145 piece urethral sound kit
  • Body dilation kit (dental gags, mouth spreaders, plugs (glass & steel), nostril spreaders and speculums)
  • Hypnosis Gear (Audio & Visual)
  • 76 piece hanging medical leather collection including 3 types of full length arm binders, chest restraint, body straps in rubber and leather, collars, cuffs, leg binders, limb spreaders
  • 46 piece chastity kit (metal, plastic & silicon in all sizes)
  • 24 piece hanging nipple clamp set (2 more boxes of nipple clams in cabinet)
  • 42 piece sensory play kit (includes claws, feather sets, skin stimulation items)
  • 26 piece tease and denial collection (Featuring sleeves, textured stimulation aides, wand toys, pumps, insertables and far more than I can share)
  • Golden Play Equipment: Funnels, fluid syringes, suction tubes, catheters (not yet in use)
  • Piercing Gear – from mild acupuncture to serious flesh hooks, all sizes and levels of temporary to permanent. Surgical sutures, cutting and branding items used at my discretion.

Now, only 3 more areas to go….!!!



(Disclaimer: This studio is for my use only. I do not rent, loan or share this space outside of my bookings to anyone)

For bookings and additional information, you are encouraged to explore my website

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  1. Derf

    Beautifully organized tools of your profession — not an item out of place.

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