Blog Post: Erotic Art Call

After I tweeted this, I realized that sometimes to get my voice heard, I need to put it in a more fixated platform; one that doesn’t get buried in a flurry of foxy FemDom posts in a matter of minutes…though believe me, I too get very distracted by the tidal wave of erotica that pours into my twitter timeline.

With all the extensive renovations and changes my dungeon has under gone in the last several years, one thing I feel has always been missing is some personalized art to decorate my walls.

Sure, I have a couple lovely bondage prints in the foyer, a throwback to my very early years in BDSM, but nothing that commemorates experiences I’ve had more recently, especially ones that I truly love and cherish. I don’t know why I’ve never addressed it, but as my camera roll fills -and then purges- quality kinky shots month after month, I’ve decided I need to fill my surroundings more permanently with some intense sexy memories. So let’s do this!

So here’s my call to action: 

If I have seen you in the last 10 years and you possess an interesting, arousing, kinky and clear image of it, I would be thrilled to display it in my dungeon. I am requesting that anyone interested in participating, to have their image printed in black and white, preferably 12×18 and framed (for bonus points) in simple black, white or silver – IKEA frames are totally fine. You may bring it to me in person or if you have my address, ship it C/O Victoria (no last name).

I will be eternally grateful and proud to display you for all to see, which  perhaps the ultimate statement in exhibitionism!

Thanking you all in advance, I hope to see your arousing expressions very soon!

For bookings and additional information, you are encouraged to explore my website

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