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As I can see many of your noticed, my website is going a slow but very thorough revamp. For years, I’ve glossed over this particularly offering, leaving it as a simple one line comment that it’s available on my booking page. 

In the interest of finally coming around to better explain that, I’m creating this blog so a simple, clickable link is automatically available for those interested or with questions.

Let’s dive in!!!

Arrangements are a facet of kink exchange for regular visitors only – particularly those who see a bit of commitment and convenience to regular monthly or quarterly tributes your Mistress. Before I get too far, this is not a necessity and my hourly rates will always be available for those not interested in this option….. but a long time ago I realized a better balance in personal vs professional time was struck when I allotted for a combination of reliability and flexibility in clients and pets.

The Options

Distance Domination/Digital Based:
(I currently have room for 1 more of these arrangements)

For admirers who serve from a distance via email, text and dm – these are meant for those who enjoy digital instruction, control and phone scenes but not necessarily at a set time table. While it does not unlock permission for you to digitally communicate constantly and indefinitely, it does allow a wider structure of my availability to reply. If control from the web is your preferred method, this monthly arrangement has a minimum and cap for tribute depending on how much interaction you crave.

Discounted Batch Bookings: 
(I currently have room for 4 such arrangements)

The most common type of arrangement, this style is great because it offers fiscal reliability for me and in exchange, a discount is offered to time frames. Instead of my posted hourly tribute, we privately work out a different method of time vs donation that allows for more play in the dungeon.  The minimum to participate is 4 hours a month (1-2 visits) or 12 hours per quarter rolled over in any fashion. The maximum is 6 hours a month (1-3 visits) or 18 hours quarterly rolled over in any fashion.
These arrangements are paid in advance every 3 months.

I don’t offer discounts on single scenes so you must be a reliable regular visitor with a lowish cancellation/reschedule rate. Two cancellations per quarter is tolerated for this arrangement, higher rates of unreliability compromise my ability to hold time for you AND offer a discounted scene.

Service Style
(I currently have room for 1-2 such commitments)

These cater a more to serving your mistress and supporting her career and lifestyle than those seeking the lowest possible tribute.

While it is not necessarily ‘discounted’ it is more of ‘stop the clock’ situation for those who play often, enjoy going out, traveling together or attending events. Tributes are no longer tit for tat and instead serve the purpose of ensuring greater stability for your Domina while taking advantage of her downtime, slow days or simply being available when she wants and needs your presence.

Almost always these scenarios turn out to more time spent together than the actual numerical figure offered, but some months – it *does not* play out this way. It truly varies. These individuals must have a desire to serve and it helps to have a flexible schedule. Aside from traditional bookings we plan, it’s encouraged to leave a little room to take advantage of unexpected openings. 

Anytime a cancellation occurs or random slow day in my agenda – you will also be notified to see if you’d like first advantage in taking that opportunity. Travel also happens most with those in this group. While I love my alone time, attending kink events, evenings out, public play, shopping, spa days together and the like happen with those serving this way in addition to our regular playtime.

There is a minimum time and tribute required here as it is a bid to spend more time together, and while there isn’t too strict a correlation between tribute offered vs time spent, a reasonable but flexible balance is struck and decided in fairness to us both. (ie – a minimum offered does not allot any visitor to ‘request’ my entire calendar of openings nor does it allow you to donate without offering your physical presence, again, I’m not a findom)

Now for the FAQ

Is this Findom?Honestly no, it isn’t. I’m putting this first because I know there’s a huge market out there for those who crave monetary control – that is not my forte. Findom is monetary gifting to a Mistress for the simple pleasure of worshiping and serving her financially. Arrangements are meant to encourage you into my dungeon – I would never be satisfied with a scenario that involved someone paying me but not also submitting in the flesh.

Why do you have arrangements instead of just hourly appointments?Imagine for a moment if your own income was wildly random and fiscal opportunities were unpredictable in both time and amount. It’d be very hard to calculate what you make vs what you need, to travel, to take restful days off. When you need to be ‘always available’ to simply support yourself, this becomes a job and not a passion. Arrangements help me strike balance in an otherwise feast or famine landscape.

Can I change my arrangement if I want more or less time?Absolutely! For discount arrangements, this can be done on the very next quarter, service style situations can change on the very next month. 

What happens if either one of us needs to cancel a date?If you’re in batch arrangement, we simply pick the next available date that works for both of us. One cancellation per month or two per quarter is permitted in discounts to avoid repeated loss of opportunity for me to welcome others. If I need to cancel, we simply pick the next date that works for both of us without penalty.

Do my time credits on a discounted arrangement roll over to the next quarter if I don’t use them? Unfortunately not, and this is why these are limited to people who visit once or twice a month for no more than a total of 6 hours within that month combined. I will offer plenty of availability options and routinely make sure I’ve given adequate opportunity to use your time credits. You may roll them over as often as needed within your quarter but if for any reason they aren’t taken advantage of my end 90th day – they are simply lost. 

Do either of these arrangements allow for full day scenes/adventures?Yes, both in person options do. With discounted scenes, you are limited to the bounds of your monthly agreement unless you’ve rolled your credits over; service style – we simply do what we want.

Does this mean I’m owned?No. A collar means you are owned and is an entirely different thing. 

How are arrangement amounts figured? We sit down and decide together. For discounts we look at how much time you typically like to spend in the dungeon and what you can comfortably afford. Then we find a happy, sustainable, middle. For service, it’s wildly different – but there is both a minimum and a strict cap.

Do arrangement fees change over time? Not typically, but if it’s been a while, yes. I like to account for inflation annually but if my standard hourly tributes fluctuation – this does not impact those locked into a commitment. Only if you stop for a period of time does a new figure become agreed on. Uninterrupted arrangements continue until no longer sustainable. For example, I have one cheeky visitor who has enjoyed an uninterrupted commitment for 7 years – this ‘deal’ was struck back when my rates were still generously low too. It pays to be consistent.

Now, if any of this fits what you’re looking for or has struck a cord with you to give it a try, drop me a note – let’s discuss!

For bookings and additional information, you are encouraged to explore my website

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