Blog Post: 30 Days Until My Birthday!

Here we go…
In 30 days my darlings, your favorite Cancerian is ringing in yet another birthday. 

I’m not trying to be too sappy, although when I’m blissfully happy – sentimentality is my leaning, but it’s been a truly incredible year so far thanks to so many of you!

I can’t recall a time when I’ve had more consistent fun, great friends, stress free and thoroughly memorable clients and a million other little things to be so grateful for.  While there of been a lot of awesome shifts to my dungeon: new equipment, new clothes and new projects I’ve started, I’ve also had an amazing time truly indulging in some wonderful people and diving to new depths with my group of consistently kinky regulars. It has been the absolute best experience a little deviant like me could hope for!

But now that it’s officially a 30 day countdown, consider this an official warning.

As someone who often does exactly as I please on a daily basis, I take deep pride in doing so with absolutely no hesitation or restraint in the weeks leading up to my special day. I’m going to have you darlings, really truly, inside and out. I’ll take any excuse to push the envelope, let my hair down and sink my teeth and claws a little further into you……

With that thought lingering, it’s fairly obvious that the gift I’d like most is your presence in my dungeon!  

Whether I’ve just seen you last week or haven’t had your helpless, naked form in my studio for 6 months; my greatest pleasures in life are always going to involve rope, leather and soundproof walls.

I am a tireless pervert so your physical submission (and endurance) is what will make my heart race the most.

While June’s availability seems to evaporate with each update, remaining possibilities can be found here: and July is still wide open and ready for the taking!

Now as some of you, very sadly, just can’t exactly submit in the flesh, but still wish to offer celebration and adoration, I do have some wish lists floating around! Though please believe me – no gifts or recognition of any sort is necessary! This post is strictly for those who *enjoy* going a bit out of their way to serve their Domina.

Donations to animal hospitals will always top my list, specifically Vucjakshelter: Pay pal: (This guy takes in ALL abandon animals in Serbia, he’s got about 450 now)

Humane Society of the United States:;jsessionid=00000000.app328bidb=1057546701&df_id=23356&mfc_pref=T&23356.donation=form1&NONCE_TOKEN=B7A68AED2AFAB94591FD0DD723D338F1&s_src=web_topnav_donate&23356_donation=form1

Any amount at all is amazing, especially when done in my honor (I’d love to see that confirmation notice 🖤)

Note: in lieu of flowers or candy being sent to my doorstep, animal shelter donations are VASTLY preferred 💋

And for more material cravings….

This is a bit extravagant but I admit I’ve had my eye on this purse for a looooong time. I would not want anyone to go above and beyond their means to acquire this for me, but if abundance is your nature…  (in black)

My dutiful amazon wish list of course:

Ulta or Sephora Gift cards

And last but not least, I’m planning a vacation this fall, if anyone would like to contribute to that, you may do so here.  Cash app $VictoriaInSeattle

And of course, if you’d like to do something a little different – I always love when people put ‘good’ into the universe. Go feed some ducks, give lunch to someone who’s homeless, be kind in a situation that challenges you or do some good for yourself. Think of me as you do it, serve me with love and positive intention.

Here’s to an incredible month ahead my sweets, thank you all so much for being in my universe.

Special Note:If you have my address, please DO NOT use it to mail packages or cards – especially using my professional name Victoria Rage.I appreciate all gestures, but discretion is paramount.

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