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Written By: Bruce O

Let me just say that Victoria is nothing short of amazing. I’ve been playing with her for about the last 3 years and every visit is better than the last.

I do believe that is what happens when she gets to know you and your
kinks. And, my kinks are EXTENSIVE. I like mean.

Victoria will inflict some pain and then laugh. So of course I laugh. On
and on. And Victoria plays well with others! I play with several dommes
usually in numbers and she just gets in there and does her absolute
worst…which is pretty damn good!

Staples, needles, inflation, electricity, listerine breath mint sounds.
She is the consummate jack of all domme trades. Simply spectacular!!!
And, I’ll also state that she is craftily creative.

Always has a plan and proceeds to fulfill that plan!
Okay. I could go on and on. Suffice it to say that I am always totally worn out and satisfied after a visit.

I always say “a smile on my face and bruises on my dick”.
A happy camper!

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