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A good Dom is hard to find, but good customer service is even rarer.

I have been seeing Mistress Rage for several years now and I consider myself one of her “irregulars”. By this I mean that I see her between four and six times a year for the past few years making me a reoccurring guest of her dungeon, but I am not one of her more frequent visitors so I feel like I can speak on this subject with familiarity, without being super biased.

I could go on about the sessions we have, I could go on about her attitude and looks which are always on point, and I could go on about her creativity and storytelling that she indulges in with each encounter. Yes I could talk about all of that, but I won’t.

See while all of those things are true, you’re going to find many other reviews talking about those things, and probably in greater detail than I would, so what I want to talk about are the things about Mistress Rage outside of the actual sessions that make her such a pleasure to go see.

First of all there is the scheduling. I live between an hour to three hours away from Mistress Rage depending on traffic, so scheduling a session can sometimes be difficult for me as a round trip plus a session can push eight hours. That’s a whole workday! That is why I greatly appreciate her twitter posts that lay out all of her available times making it very easy to pick a time and schedule without a bunch of runaround.

Once the session is confirmed and you arrive, she never rushes you in and never rushes you out. This is not assembly line domination, and she takes the time to discuss with you your likes and dislikes, expectations for the session, and takes the time to put you at ease. As a newbie this was nice because I was nervous about my first sessions, as a more experienced player I still appreciate this as it gives me a chance to calm down after the undoubtedly stressful drive.

As I stated, this is not assembly line domination. Mistress Rage clearly enjoys what she does, and she takes the time and effort to make your session special and catered to you. At least she does with me, I can’t imagine it’s any different for her other clients. One of the best examples of this that I can come up with is that she remembers things I normally wouldn’t expect her to. She remembers my likes and dislikes, things we have done in previous sessions, and even personal details that I mentioned in passing. This makes the whole experience feel more personalized and that is a feeling I quite enjoy.

Finally, and I can’t put to great an emphasis on this, she makes me feel completely safe and I trust her completely. Part of this is because of her easy going demeanor (Out of session! In session she can be a task master if that’s what you want!), part of this is because of how comfortable she is in the BDSM lifestyle and the related fetishes and part of it has to do with the fact that she made sure I was healthy and safe during a specific session. See I had stupidly not eaten any breakfast and that mixed with the position I was in made me start to feel light headed.

As soon as I said something she stopped the session, but it was already too late as I found myself starting to lose consciousness. Over the next few minutes she made sure I was untied, aware, and filled with water and chocolate to keep my electrolytes up. She made sure I was aware, conscious, and healthy before letting me leave, and then followed up with me later that night and the next day to make sure I was okay. I got better care from her than my own doctor!

Come to think of it I schedule appointments with her easier to! In short Victoria Rage is an incredible dominatrix, and also has incredible customer service. Again, a good Dom is hard to find, but good customer service is even rarer.

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