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This will be a bit different so please bare with me.

I have not met the lady, chatted briefly only in several emails.

I haven’t served her, though I would in a heart beat if things changed. That she is a fantastic dom that everyone loves, I have absolutely no doubt. That she can warp you into any shape while being tied down I have no doubt.

I found her blogs & twitter posts over a year ago & started reading.

Wow, what a lady …. What I have discovered & can vouch for, having followed her for this period, is that she really does have a heart of gold & is deeply caring for almost all that cross her path.

I write as I think she truly deserves to be discovered by far more people. ….. and if things change in my world & the planets align (even briefly) I will be emailing, kneeling & begging for a session and her consideration.

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