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Where oh where does time go?

As I write this I’ve realized that it’s been 7 years since I first submitted to
the deviousness of Domina Victoria Rage!

This is a decision that I will never regret. As a “seasoned” submissive I
had become selective when choosing a professional dominatrix to serve.

My extensive travels have given me the opportunity to session with
prodoms in many parts of the world. Some were good, some not so, and a few great.

Then I was selected by Domina to serve.

In our first session, I quickly came to the realization that she is
outstanding, and that she is truly passionate. As I recall, she had taken me into subspace without me being aware. Over the years our professional
relationship has grown.

She has gently and gradually expanded my limits. Even now, each and
every time we session, our sessions are unique and explosive!
Our kinks certainly feed off of each other. I have the utmost trust in her
in and out of session.

If you are chosen by Domina Victoria Rage to serve her, consider yourself fortunate, and count your blessings. I must warn you, after serving her
devious desires you will never be the same again!

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