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A review of Domina Victoria Rage for nervous newbies. (by a former nervous newbie) After well over a year of reading Domina Victoria Rage’s web site and blogs I finally got up the courage to send her an email requesting an initial session. And what a relief it was to finally reach out to this delightful woman.

Her response was kind and encouraging and we set a date for 2 weeks out. I’d finally made a date with a dominatrix. Then waiting for 2 long weeks. I’ve never been so nervous in my life for those two weeks. What am I doing? I searched every dominatrix web site I could find looking for advice on how to prepare for a first meeting a pro dom. What to wear, what to bring, what to say, how to act. I was so insanely nervous I could hardly eat. Can I really do this? What am I thinking? Am I too old? What if , what if , what if.

At one point I was so nervous that I considered just sending her a nice gift and an apology for not being able to follow through. Then I read her blog post about an unfortunate fellow who lost his nerve on the way to see her and called from a bar asking her to join him. Well obviously she declined. I thought about how bad that gentleman must have felt having lost that chance to meet her and I was determined never to be in that situation.

Nothing nothing nothing would keep me from her door at the appointed time. On the day of our first meeting I was so nervous that I set out an hour earlier than I needed to. I found a place to park a few blocks away and waited for the longest hour of my life. With about 5 minutes to go I headed on over. At long last I was standing nervously at her door. I knocked at precisely 11:00 am waiting to meet her. When she opened her door and invited me in I felt such relief. I made it! I’m actual here with her.

After being invited in, I quickly realized that all the nervousness and freaking out was totally unnecessary. Mistress Victoria has a wonderful ability to put nervous newcomers at ease. I felt welcomed into her world and a total lack of judgement from her about any and all the things I wanted to try.

That bears repeating. She has a wonderful ability to put nervous newcomers at ease! You just have to get yourself to her door.

I won’t go into the details of the session except to say that it was more than I could have hoped for. I was blown away by her professionalism, skill, kindness and intuition. She says on her website that she structures initial encounters like no other sessions and my initial time with her was absolute bliss. I am so grateful and relieved that I made it to her dungeon that day and didn’t suffer the fate of that poor fellow calling her from the bar.

So my nervous friend, be assured that Victoria Rage is very adept at welcoming jittery newcomers like you and me and you’ll be put completely at ease when you are lucky enough to finally meet her. Do yourself a favor and send her that polite email. Then show up on time. Bring a nice gift. Get ready to have your world rocked. oh, and one more thing. read her blogs! One of my favorites is ‘Burning Questions’.

I’ll past a bit below that I find very helpful. -ginger …ditch ANY preconceived ideas of how you should interact and how you should behave with a Top. Just be polite, follow any given directions, and relax into the organic flow of the dynamic. ………..

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