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Let me start by stating that I do not profess to be eloquent when it comes to expressing myself with paper and pen, or in this case my tablet. I also am not one to write reviews.

That said, I do feel the need to relate my experience with Domina Victoria. If you read her blog, she recently related her pleasure in introducing newbies to her web (

Not to be narcissistic, but I couldn’t help but believe that I might have been one of her newbie introductions. You see, I had reached out to Domina Victoria a few years back. For reasons that I won’t go into I never developed the never to schedule. I continued to follow, read her blog, but never took the final step. I was always impressed with the professionalism of Domina Victoria. It came across in her website and her blog. But it also was evident in other postings that I had witnessed and read.

I was also mesmerized by her classic beauty. Trust me when I say her pictures are like works of art. In person, she is to be worshipped. Time passed and I finally decided to reach out once again. Very quickly I received a response expressing her delight that I had considered her once again. Domina Victoria was very reassuring that even as a novice I would be able to explore different levels of desire and kink with her.

Needless to say the spider was very adept at luring the fly into her web. Schedules as they were, I had to settle for a time into the next month. In the back of my scared little mind, I thought that would allow me ample time to back out and cancel. With time before my scheduled time, I started to follow Domina Victoria on Twitter. This was likely a mistake because pictures were posted of men in very scary predicaments. My little mind was telling me to do the sensible thing and try to gracefully cancel. Yet, I was like a moth attracted to the light.

I even reached out with what I thought to be little questions and Domina Victoria was always reassuring and comforting. The spider was pulling the little fly in. I kept my assigned time and patiently waited for the fateful day.

As requested, I confirmed my appointment the day prior. At that point my fate was sealed. I arrived as close to the time as possible. I didn’t want to be early, nor did I want to be late. I feared that keeping Domina Victoria waiting would not be a good thing. I was invited in and was immediately stunned by the beauty of Domina Victoria. The fly was now in the web and I was prey.

I was offered water and discussion followed to get a better understanding of me. Once inside my head Domina Victoria was ready for me. I won’t go into any details, because I can’t imagine that Domina Victoria is the same in any situation. As described in the blog, I was trembling like a leaf before her. I had no idea what was ahead for me.

I can say that I was very excited with adrenaline rushing through me. Domina Victoria skillfully pushed my boundaries. I sensed that Domina Victoria took delight in my trembling and trepidation. In fact it was even used to mentally tease and torment me. My experience was exactly what I wanted!

For those of you that are wondering if you should venture out, I’d encourage you to consider Domina Victoria. Read the blog it is very accurate. As I mentioned before, her level of professionalism sets a standard. For me, I had a wonderful experience. I understand it will be different for everyone. But I know it won’t be because of the lack of attention by Domina Victoria. As for me, it is only a matter of time before I will once again be the fly and the spider will once again have fun with her prey. Thank you again Domina Victoria.

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