Blog Post: Ripping Down The Censored Tape

Oh hell…once again I’ve neglected this blog. No intentionally I admit. I’ve been making a clear choice lately in self censorship…but one I now deeply, violently, feel annoyed by.

I used to LOVE having this avenue, somewhere away from my professional site where I could truly speak my peace and get a little more dirty and a lot more personal. My feelings about this dark little avenue haven’t changed, nor will I be deleting past posts, but you’ll have noticed that I, like many providers – find myself a bit paused as to how many details we could, or should offer these days.

It’s jungles of red tape, literary and legal traps that threaten us every single day; each word a possible liability. Its made me turn this blog from a steamy little cesspool into basically an educational resource devoid of nearly anything X rated. While I love taking a teaching standpoint, that’s not at all the reason I started this – nor is it the reason I’ve maintained it for an entire decade. I’m filthy. I’m debauched. I need to share that and I need a place to do so without feeling like I require some sort of clever phrasing so as to not accidentally cross the line we’re all silently standing behind.

So here – going forward, I’m going to just say this…

Whatever I post – anything I have ever posted – you can assume I write not as a professional, but as a lifestyler. I am saying firmly that for any kinks I’ve written about or any I will write about, I did so detached from my professional persona. If you continue reading beyond this sentence, it is an agreement that you acknowledge: no matter what I post – it’s truly a reflection of my life, not an offering for purchase. I know that can be confusing, but use common sense.

Got it? Good….

Now I can finally work on posting about my latest cabin in the woods scenario. Because of all things I will accept caution and censorship for – it will absolutely not be in my diary.

Consider this boring but obligatory post a total one off.

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