Emergence and Exhilaration

For most, a new way of living has dictated their choices over the last 18 months. But now, as restrictions are lifted, vaccinations increase, borders open, we are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel – or so we optimistically hope.

For once, a sense that the world is emerging from a slumber, nervous about how to interact in the new world.

After months of lockdown, maybe it’s an opportunity to reflect on the things you haven’t done. Certain cravings you’ve been forced to contend with as restrictions locked into place that truly prevented you from indulging in the things you wanted most – your mind has been much more focused on what makes you happy as well as what you truly want and NEED. If we’ve realized anything, it’s that we need to act when we have the chance, that we deserve to prioritize what’s important to *us* as individuals. Now is the time to spread your wings, and be open to new experiences. Everyone feels apprehension when moving out of their comfort zone, but I encourage you to take that trip. If that trip into the unknown is the kinky world, I want to see you take your first spanking, or trying on your first dress. You’ve already been thinking about it for months…. as we ease into normalcy, your excuse to put it off is fading into a thin vapor of smoke.

If you are a novice, try new things that you may have been lusting after, but were outside your comfort zone. Work up from a paddle to a bull whip, buy a larger plug, live for the now! Still nervous? Let me guide you in these new journeys… I have always felt at my best introducing someone to their kinky desires. Taking a newbie, and watching them blossom into a kinky, slutty, little pet warms my heart to no end. If you have always thought to yourself that you wanted to explore your kink, but shied away from taking that leap, consider this your open invitation. I hope your newfound enthusiasm to explore means that I will see you at my door!

I’m also excited to introduce you to my personal post pandemic splurge items, 2 brand new custom pieces of dungeon furniture!

My new custom kneeling pillory is ready to bind you in perfect whipping position. No more struggling out of the way of my whip, you will be immobilized on my pillory and take your punishment until I decide you are done. I will unleash a barrage of paddles, whips and canes while you stay in perfect position to satiate my desire for your pain. My fondness for impact play is well known, but this brings it up to a new level 😈 Do you dare be one of the first to feel the sting of my whip?

I’ve also acquired an isolation box / coffin. For years I have wanted something for my guests on longer stays. If you have ever wanted to book a long session, or an overnight, now is the time! Imagine yourself plugged, bound, electrical pads all over your body, and unable to see, or hear. You’ll be locked in pleasure and pain for however long I deem necessary. You will be unable to tell if you have been locked in for 10 minutes, or 10 hours, and I will relish every single moment of your torment!

Check out my OnlyFans/JustForFans for a sneak peek at these new additions to my dungeon and start fantasizing about our future time together! There are also custom photos that you will never see anywhere else, I promise, they are worth seeing 😉

See you sluts soon!



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